Sprinkler Systems

Idaho Classic Landscape & Sprinklers can design and install an automatic sprinkler system that will take all the worry out of watering.

We install Rainbird sprinkler systems. We offer the best manufacturer warranty in the industry when installed as a whole-contractor rated Rainbird heads, valves, and controller. We pull frost resistant black poly pipe into the ground. Only by installing a complete Rainbird system can you have the best warranty.

When you choose Idaho Classic and Rainbird, you’re choosing quality and reliability!


Idaho Classic also does repairs for existing sprinkler systems installed by other companies. We are happy to take a look at your old system and revamp it to work much more effectively and efficiently. Contact us today at 782-3435 for pricing and scheduling!

Spring Turn-ons & Fall Blow-outs

Sprinkler turn ons will be in April and blow outs in October. We will still have our program if you prepay for the turn on that will save you a couple of dollars. I will send out prepay cards later when it gets closer.