Spring & Fall Yard Cleanups

After the spring thaw, we can get your lawn and landscape looking great again with a thorough clean-up. We provide the following services to prepare your property for the growing season ahead:

  • Removal of weeds, leaves, sticks, and other debris from turf and planting beds
  • Edging of curbs and beds
  • Power raking and mowing
  • Trimming back grass edges
  • Sweeping of driveways and walkways
  • Pruning of any broken or damaged branches in trees and shrubs
  • Adjusting or repairing sprinkler system due to any winter damage
  • Adding drip irrigation to plants in beds
  • Applying pre-emergent to beds
  • Granular fertilizer for beds and lawns
  • Grub control at proper times

Spring Planting

If you are ready to make some new additions to your landscape, spring is a great time for it. Our landscape designers are experts at helping you choose the plants that will look best on your property while meeting your overall design objectives. We know which trees, shrubs, and flowers grow best in the areas and soil conditions you have.

Proper installation is important to the success of all new plant material. This starts with quality plant material selection and correct soil preparation. All plants require special attention during installation. Soil conditions, hole size, root conditions, light, and water requirements all factor into a successful installation.

Idaho Classic takes special care of the needs of your newly installed plants, and the results are obvious. The plant is able to establish a feeder root system faster, enabling it to survive weather changes. Your plants will have better health as they begin to grow and our customers enjoy their maturing landscape quicker.


We recommended a fresh application of mulch to your planting beds every spring. The consistent color and texture of mulch will significantly improve the beauty of your flowers and shrubs. Mulch can be used to conserve soil, minimize erosion, keep your soil moist, and to protect plantings in severe weather. Of course, there is more to mulch than just enhancing the looks of your property. Properly applied by Idaho Classic Landscape & Sprinklers, mulch will:

  • Prevent many weeds and grasses from sprouting by blocking sunlight from the soil.
  • Keeps up to 21% more moisture in the soil around the root zone to keep roots cooler in summer months.
  • Help the soil stay up to 10 degrees cooler in the summer, reducing stress on your plants.
  • Applied with a pre-emergent, you may experience 80-90% weed free beds.

Selecting a natural, organic mulch is beneficial to gardening and will decompose quickly enriching the soil as it breaks down.

Sprinkler startup or repairs

Idaho Classic Landscape and Sprinklers can turn on your sprinkler system when the weather warms up. We are efficient in the sprinkler repairs we can complete for you. We use quality parts for all repairs. Call to schedule your sprinklers to be turned on and/or worked on.

Fertilizing & Grub Control

We have added a granule fertilizing program for those that need help in keeping their lawn beautiful. With this service, we spread granule grub control to kill those pesky grubs before we can destroy your lawn. Call for details and estimates today!