Block & Tie Walls

Walls can be installed from a variety of materials depending on your design and style including Rampart Blocks, Piza Blocks, Railroad Ties, Pecky Cedar Ties, and many more.

A retaining wall is constructed to hold back ground which would otherwise move downwards. They stabilize slopes and create useful areas at varying elevations. Retaining wall are utilized regularly to create terraces for agriculture, roads, railways, and buildings. Garden retaining walls may serve as a decorative boundary or contain raised flowerbeds. Garden retaining walls are typically less than three feet in height.

Retaining walls are manufactured from a variety of materials including brick, block, stone, rock, concrete, reinforced steel, wood or ties, and even reinforced soil. Idaho Classic can help you choose the right material for your project and has the experience to install it for you.

Retaining walls create usable space where otherwise sloping land would be useless. Plants, gardens, and trees can also be sustained in spots where they may not have thrived prior to the installation of the wall.

Decorative retaining walls can be used to accentuate water features or add to the allure of your backyard garden. The use of colored bricks, decorative stones, or large boulders can add a beautiful touch to otherwise dull landscapes.

Though many consider the backyard retaining wall a weekend do-it-yourself project, the height of the slope and topography of the landscape can make construction quite difficult. When the slope of the land becomes too steep, a structural engineer may be required. A wall improperly constructed may destabilize or collapse. Idaho Classic is the specialist in wall construction.