Pavers, Patios, & Walkways

Patio pavers are a unique and creative way to build your dream backyard patio. Their versatility, color, and texture selection and pattern creativity are the perfect alternative to a traditional poured cement patio or wood deck in your backyard landscape.

Concrete pavers and natural stone are the best choices for patios and sidewalks. These are made in a variety of patterns, textures, shapes, colors, and sizes. One of the benefits of utilizing pavers in your outdoor space is the uniqueness and durability you can create to fit your space perfectly.

Running Bond Design - This simple yet versatile pattern is quite popular for small areas. Pavers can be layed similar to stacking bricks on a home. Pavers are laid at an angle to create a curve pattern.

Basket-Weave Design - Suitable for casual applications. Pavers are laid vertically and horizontally in pairs.

Circle, fan, and random designs are also possible alternatives. Using a border helps with stability. A good base is the most important process with pavers.

Idaho Classic can create patios, walkways, courtyards, driveways, and stairs using pavers. We use the best materials available. They can be arranged in a variety of pleasing patterns. Pavers are more durable than concrete. We can install paver lights in your pavers to light up your way or create a special glow.

We can also re-lay, clean, and seal pavers.