Rock & Weed Barriers


Idaho Classic can install rocks or bark over weed barrier for an almost weed and worry-free landscape.

Bark comes in various colors and sizes for beds giving your landscape depth and texture. It also keeps moisture to your plants and even helps the soil when it breaks down. Preemergent can also be put on the bark to help with weed control.

Bed Maintenance

Landscape beds house your trees, shrubs, and flowers and tie the beauty of your home into your landscape. There is nothing worse than landscape beds filled with unsightly weeds. Weeds can ruin the curb appeal of your home, welcome pests to your neighborhood, and steal necessary nutrients offered by the soil, sun, and rain. They also disturb the beauty of your planted flowers, trees, and plants. Though prevention is the best option for prohibiting weeds from appearing in your landscape beds, occasionally a cure is needed for those that appear despite your hard work. Idaho Classic Landscape & Sprinklers can provide a pre emergent weed control solution to attack any potential weed problems. You can have a post emergent sprayed on or spray it yourself inexpensively for those stubborn weeds that slip through the cracks. We offer an effective preventative plan of attack.