You’ve worked hard to make your yard beautiful for your family. Why not enjoy it day and night? Landscape lighting can illuminate your patio, deck, and green space to create a relaxing mood in your own yard. There are many different lighting techniques from decorative pathway lighting to overhead flood lighting.

Idaho Classic will work with you to determine the best type of lighting fixtures to meet your needs and create that perfect environment in your yard. We install a 12 volt lighting that saves you on electricity costs. New innovations with LED technology can provide landscape lighting that is efficient and cost effective. LED lighting has a long life. Burning 8 hours a night, these lights can last up to 17 years. LED lighting does have an upfront expense but the fixtures will pay for itself in the first few years of usage because they use significantly less energy.

More importantly landscape lighting can provide additional safety for your home and your family. Obstacles like steps, rocks, and small shrubbery can be illuminated to prevent falling. Lighting and obstacle doesn’t always mean a binding floodlight either. There are many options that are less obtrusive that can be used to draw attention to any kind of elevation change. Landscape lighting can also discourage intruders and trespassers by illuminating the grounds around your home. We have lights for that we install in pavers, also. This makes for a cozy paver patio or light up your paver pathway to your home.